Why Cabin Charter Sailing?

    We are a non-profit sailing service designed to make your sailing dreams come true.

    We sail where YOU want to sail, in the yacht size and type of YOUR choice! You rent a cabin and, if  
    needed, we find additional crew to join your sailing charter.

    Other cabin charter operations are limited by the size, type and location of the owner's yacht.

    Cabin Charter Sailing will rent the yacht suited to your interest, monohull or catamaran, in the
    Mediterranean, Caribbean, Thailand or other sailing destination YOU choose.

    OR, you can join a sailing charter that has cabins available (see Cabins Open link).

    We received a great write-up in  SAIL  Magazine: next to the last photo showing CCS mates sailing in the South Ionians!

                                           Capt. Bob Riley is your skipper (see Capt's Bio link).

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Caribbean Sailing Experience;
Sandy Cay, British Virgin Islands
Mykanos, Greece
Cabin Charter Sailing:
Caribbean and Mediterranean
sailing holidays by cabin rental