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Charter Testimonials – Mates share their sailing days.

MG and Andro, Croatia

MG & Andro, Croatia

Dear ‘Capi’  Bob: Thank you so much for the amazing week sailing the islands of the Dalmatian coast; your advice on the best places, your kindness and especially your patience to teach and explain. It was one of my best holiday experiences. Thank you again and remember – Mallorca is waiting for us in Sept, 2017!!!!

Maria Gloria and Andro, Barcelona, Spain



Lauren and Ryan, BVI

“Ryan and I had a fantastic time on our trip-  (in the BVI)

“Bob is well organized, creates a safe, fun learning environment for novice sailors, adapts the itinerary to the interests of the group, and is delightful company.”

Lauren, Alexandria, VA, USA



“Early July I joined five friends (two from Boston and three from Barcelona) to sail from Dubrovnik to Split, Croatia with Captain Bob. It was such a lovely and amazing week!

Croatia Sail, CCS

Coco, Yumiko & Christine, Korcula, Croatia

I was very impressed with Captain Bob. He is a competent and experienced skipper. In addition, he is considerate, and courteous, and above all, always calm and patient and never gets upset; essential for our safety. Also, he’s an excellent instructor.

He suggested a week-long itinerary and day-by-day suggested where to moor and where to have a delicious dinner. I still remember a small island named Scedro where there was only one family. They opened a restaurant, serving catch-of-the-day fish under the stars. I also remember our meal of “lamb under the bell” on Mljet Island.

Thank you very much, Captain Bob, for the wonderful trip filled with laughter and happiness.” Yumiko, Tokyo, Japan

“Breathtaking!   That’s what I think when I think of Croatia, and especially our week spent sailing the islands of the southern Dalmatian coast with the always affable Capt’n Bob.   Such a week we had!   There were seven of us on our spacious, comfortable catamaran in the endless sunshine, with enough wind to sail some part of each day.  We moored and anchored each night in magical places that Bob chose after talking to us about our interests and preferences. Good food, great company, memorable experience.  Thank you, Bob!”  Christine, Boston, MA, USA

“What an amazing week!  A perfect blend of incredible scenery, historic sites, and all the comforts of a private boat. What made it work was the experience – our captain knew the special places to go and just the right accommodations for our merry group. Thank you Bob!”  Coco, Wellesley, MA, USA

Leoni and Rhonette, BVI

Leoni & Rhonette, BVI, Caribbean


“Bob.Thank you for all the touches that made it a unique week of sailing and snorkeling. We learnt so much and had a great time.” Leoni and Rhonette, Cape Town, South Africa


Procida, Amalfi Sail

Gill & Stewart, Procida, Amalfi Coast


“There’re a lot of US testimonials to Captain Bob but we don’t see none what gives the British angle on things so we thought we’d put that right see. Crikey where do we start? …

We’ve sailed with Bob over many years in the Ionian, Dodecanese, Croatia, Catalonia and on the Amalfi coast. Cabin Charter Sailing is really a great way to have a holiday-sail on a good-sized boat at reasonable cost without having to worry about the responsibility of skippering. It’s also a very good way of meeting like-minded but different people both to sail with and to sit down with in a Taverna or Cantina and spend a very pleasant post-sailing evening over a meal and a glass.”

Stewart and Gillian, Northumberland, England   See a pdf of: Stewart’sTestimonial


Marian & Mark, S. Ionians, Greece

“We just returned from our 2nd charter with Cabin Charter’s Captain Bob, and had a exceptional adventure sailing in the Ionian sea off the west coast of Greece. Mediterranean sailing is different than the Caribbean and offers a true “European” perspective on sailing from island to island.

There are, of course, several things in common with these two great sailing spots: Warm clear waters, wonderful people and places, and outstanding local food.

Our boat was a 6 month old 45′ Beneteau wonderfully outfitting and sparkling clean. The sailing was awesome and the trip flawless!

We would strongly recommend trying a “Med sail” with Captain Bob as we eye our next cruise on the Spanish Mediterranean.” Mark and Marian, Philadelphia, PA, USA


Myra & Bill, (right), Croatia

Wow! I just had to say that, I think I got it out of my system, but a few more might have to be said. My wife, Myra, and I had a remarkable time sailing with Capt. Bob through the islands of Croatia. Bob gave Myra the option of the type of boat; mono or cat and had lots of suggestions and good advice.

After wiring the money I must admit I was a little skeptical as to the reality of actually having this trip happen. But all reservations were completely gone when we first met up with Bob in person at a Café at the Marina in Dubrovnik.

Bob took extreme care in extricating the yacht from its mooring and allowed us to help get the boat out into open water. We had great sailing weather and again Bob showed us the how and we were able to experience the thrill of sailing. Wow. Bob is an experienced sailor and a patient instructor and we highly recommend him for your next sailing experience.” Bill and Myra, Canada


Stef & Josh, Amalfi Coast

“Bob, thanks again for taking the helm (or watching over while we or our new mates took the helm) for a fabulous a 7 day cabin charter sailing excursion on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. It was the best vacation we had in many years and was a spectacular way to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.

As our Captain, you provided patient instruction to us as beginner sailors with ample opportunity to learn as much (or as little) about sailing as we desired. While still having lots of ability to tailor the trip to our interests on the go, it was in a relaxed state and we were amazed at how all the logistics were handled with
little stress and commotion (and no cost surprises). Particularly rewarding beyond the beauty of the sea, coast, experience with new folks we met for the first time only 30 minutes prior to boarding the boat.

We enjoyed both our solo time on land exploring the towns and the Italian restaurants as well as the festive dinners together with Marijo, Sue, Jim and you over the fresh pasta, pizzas and sea catches sharing glimpses of our respective lives from different corners of the world.

The vacation exceeded our expectations and I am sure we will we back to sail again with you to mark future occasions or just for a great outdoor exotic (but still affordable) vacation experience.” Josh and Stefanie, Tel Aviv, Israel


Maija, N. Ionians, Greece

“… Captain Bob is a skillful sailor who planned the sailing excursion so well that everything went smoothly from day one. Most important, he made sure we were safe at all times and learnt about sailing…”

“… He was an expert at finding perfect spots for mid-day swimming and beautiful towns to explore in the evenings. At the end of the sail, the crew gave him A+ …”

“…The Ionian Sea has many ways to cast its spell on unsuspecting travelers. In the Emerald Bay on the northeast coast of Anti-Paxos, we put down the anchor and swam in crystal clear turquoise waters in awe of the beauty that embraced us from all directions….” Maija, Finland

See a pdf of: Maija’s Complete Testimonial


Meg, Amalfi Coast, Italy

“I sailed with my family along the Amalfi Coast with Captain Bob and it was breathtaking. Not only did he know the most beautiful areas of the coastline to check out, he also spent time researching and talking to locals to find the quaint and authentic Italian villages where he knew we would have the most amazing Italian experience. The mix of ports, sailing, motoring and swims in the cool sea was the perfect vacation. Bob’s sailing experience and quick teaching sessions made us all confident during sails and relaxed enough to catch some rays!

I’d recommend an Amalfi Coast sail with Bob to anyone interested in a unique view of a picturesque coast that will make your Italian vacation stand apart from the norm. Bob made even more connections along our journey that will make the next sail an even more memorable one.” Meg – NY, NY, USA


Katie & Shan, Croatia

“I sailed with Bob in Turkey, Sept. 2010 for a week. We chartered a 49 ft. sloop from Marmaris. It was my first time sailing, I always felt at ease. He let me get involved as much as possible. Pulling the jib and main sail sheets, setting and raising anchor. The best part of the holiday was taking the helm and sailing at seven kn. – a great feeling. It has given me an appetite to sail again, hopefully later in the year with Bob as Captain.” Dan, London, UK.



Bill, Dalmatia, Croatia

“A couple of years ago, my daughter and I planned a birthday sail for my father with Bob. We chose Croatia; the small island coves were perfect for lunchtime swimming and overnight moorings at restaurant docks. This year, we sailed again with Capt. Bob in Italy – for MY birthday!” Bill, Boston, USA


Sue & Jane (right), BVI, Caribbean

“Bob – thank you so much for a sail that met my extremely high expectations .”
Sue, Annapolis, MD, USA

(in the BVI)

“Dear Bob…Keep on sailing…Keep on skippering…Keep on being you! Thanks for a great sail!”
Jane, Houston, TX, USA


Rafael, Costa Brava, Spain

“I sailed for two weeks along the Costa Brava from Barcelona to France with Bob, the Captain. The places we visited along the Costa Brava was been a great experience for me; views from the sea and the trip itself were very entertaining. Winds and temperatures were perfect, we had only one afternoon with rain and high winds the following day, but we stayed at the safe and comfortable port in Llafranc. The Captain showed his experience choosing the best locations in terms of safety and
points of interest.” Rafael, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Liz & Bill, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Liz & Bill, Amalfi Coast, Italy

“After meeting with us to discuss our goals for the trip he designed an itinerary that exceeded expectations! Capt Bob is extremely knowledgeable about the Amalfi coast and was able to work with us to design a fabulous trip. We saw the Amalfi Coast the way I imagine that locals would choose to see it if they had a catamaran and captain to guide them…SPECTACULAR!!!
Liz, Boston, USA

“We took a sailing course in the Virgin Islands with Captain Bob as our instructor. What a wonderful trip!

Mike & Angie, BVI, Caribbean

Mike & Angie, BVI, Caribbean

A week of beautiful weather, warm blue water, and breathtaking views. We learned everything we needed to know from provisioning to navigating to sailing and mooring for the night. Bob is very safety conscious, knows all the best places to visit, and is great to hang out with and learn from. Can’t wait for our next trip!” Mike and Angie, Orlando, FL, USA


Shannon, Amalfi Coast

“One of the best trips of my life! Not only was your expertise behind the wheel amazing, but also your knowledge of the coast and islands and adventurous spirit allowed us to see the Amalfi Coast, Italy as only few people see it – from the sea, looking in. The experience was flawless and although I was a little nervous about sailing, the catamaran was smooth and the sailing was quite fun. Pulling up to the marinas and bays, jumping in the water, tasting the seafood and pasta in small villages, climbing through the small Italian coastal roads is indescribable. To travel by sea and pull up to these fairy tale images of rolling mountains with green and purple flowers and houses stacked on one another was truly one of the most picturesque things I have ever seen!

I highly recommend your service to anyone looking for a relaxing adventure. By working with you to coordinate the trip we saved money considering everything we were able to see, and the overall experience was priceless. Thanks, Cap’t Bob!” Shannon, San Francisco, CA, USA.


John, (left), Pontine Islands, Italy

“Bob and I have raced together in several King’s Cup Regattas in Thailand. When the Marmaris, Turkey charter had a cabin open I joined and had a great sailing week. Since then, I’ve gone on a BVI sail, an Amalfi Coast and Pontine Islands, Italy sail and most recently, a Dodecanese Islands, Greece sail. All have been fantastic!” John, Baltimore, USA.

Barry, Capri, Italy

Barry, Capri, Italy

“Belle viste! My experience was the Amalfi Coast. It’s so beautiful to watch the landscape slowly pass by. Serenity, quiet time, reading a book, sun bathing, grab lunch from the galley, or just sit and relax. You can take the helm for awhile. You can help bring the boat into dock or drop anchor anywhere you want for a nice cool swim. As evening approaches, open a cool bottle of wine and enjoy some cheese, tomatoes and olives on board before going out for a local delicious dinner. I will do it again; not for one week but for two weeks next time because I so much enjoyed the feeling of freedom I had along the Amalfi Coast.” Barry, Annapolis, USA

Nancy & John, Croatia

Nancy & John, Croatia

“I’ve sailed 4 times in the last two years with Bob and have had great times. It’s a perfect way to explore a country. I’ve sailed BVI, Amalfi and Sicily, Italy, and Croatia. Highly recommended.”

“John and I sailed Croatia recently. My first sail, John’s third (before Sicily). Captain Bob’s skill and knowledge of sailing and destinations is invaluable, his sense of humor, a bonus! As an inexperienced sailor I was completely relaxed due to his ability and had fun learning! Cabin Charter Sailing created my trip of a lifetime!” Nancy, Chicago, USA and John, Davenport, USA.
(See Nancy’s photos of their trip here.)