Sutivan, Brac Island, Croatia

Sutivan, CroatiaOnly 13 km from Split, Sutivan is a small village with a Mediterranean atmosphere and beautiful beaches with surrounding forests. Located on the northwest seaside of Brac it has an uninterrupted connection with Split since its founding. When Roman emperor Diocletian built his palace in Split, one of his dignitaries built his own smaller palace in Sutivan.

Once the masts of large Venetian sailing ships bristled in the small harbor. Now, the occasional sloop joins the small fishing vessels and pleasure craft. Sutivan is a pretty and quiet little village – a nice alternative after the bustle of Hvar and Korcula. It is also a short distance from another favorite stop, Milna, in case the harbormaster is delivering the mail and cannot help you find dock space!

Sutivan, Brac island, Croatia Sailing

Sutivan, Brac island, Croatia Sailing

Lush growth lines the streets and decorates its homes. Near the port there are nice beaches to relax and have a swim.

Sutivan, Port on Brac Island across from Split P1010369 sutivan-beach1

Along the waterfront several inviting cafes tempt you for a relaxing dinner or maybe just a class of cold wine. Good coffee is available in the morning during a pre-departure breakfast.