Procida, Italy: Amalfi Coast Sail

We often start our sail of the Amalfi Coast from beautiful Procida. It’s a small island in the Bay of Naples, easily reached by ferry from the Port of Naples; itself a short ride from Naples airport (NAP).

Procida, Amalfi Sail, CCS

Procida Waterfront near the marina

Procida is a off the beaten tourist track even though it is only a few miles closer to Naples than Ischia and across the Bay from Sorrento and Capri. See: Sample Amalfi Coast Itinerary.

Visited occasionally by Italians and the rare European, Procida remains small, lovely, picturesque and comfortable. There’s a number sufficient small hotel and restaurants for your 1-2 days before and / or after your sail. Or the whole summer as we once did!

CCS Amalfi Sail, Marina di Corrichella, Procida

Marina di Corricella, Procida, Amalfi Coast Sail

Enjoy a pleasant evening at a water front café. Stroll the short distance from the waterfront to the top of the island and the small area called Terra Murata that includes an 11th-century Benedictine abbey – Abbazia di San Michele, and the15th-century Palazzo D’Avalos. From there, walk down to the old harbor of Corricella.

Procida history goes back beyond Roman settlement. More recently, in 1744, King Charles III made Procida a royal game reserve and under this protection the maritime industry in Procida flourished including shipbuilding and fishing. Seafaring has a long tradition in Procida and many still graduate from its maritime school to go into large ship navigation and command.

Small streets of ProcidaThere are beaches for you to sunbath, winding tiny streets for you to wander and plenty of gelato to keep you cool! Sprinkled throughout the island are restaurants and cafes for morning coffee, midday snacks and evening sipping.Cafes on Procida, CCS Amalfi Sail

From Procida, we can sail on a short leg to Ischia or across the Bay of Naples to Sorrento. From either, we then visit Capri, Positano, Amalfi and usually … a small hidden treasure. Each of these larger ports is a gem but also well-known and draw an interesting, eclectic set of people.

Procida, in its small way, is one of our favorite ports because it remains a village with friendly people, great food and wine, locally grown veggies and fish from the day’s catch. Procida greets you warmly and sends you unwillingly back to reality.