Join Asia’s Largest Regatta – Thailand’s King’s Cup!

Cabin Charter Sailing will offer crew positions for the 2017 Phuket, Thailand’s King’s Cup Regatta. For this 31st annual large-yacht sailing race, we’ll take either a mid 40s mono or cat and enter the race under the charter class.

Linda in Phuket Regatta

Capt Bob rounding a mark

CCS’, Capt. Bob, has raced in eight King’s Cup Regattas and skippered / helmed his past three races. Placing well in the daily races, we came in second one year for the overall regatta for the week.

The Regatta runs for the week straddling the late King’s birthday, Dec 5th. The beloved King was an avid sailor and a Regatta supporter; this long-running Regatta honors his legacy.

CCS at Kings Cup

The Regatta has many types of yachts

The fleet of over 100 yachts race daily for 5 – 6 days and gather each evening at well-sponsored beach parties at some of the most premier local resorts. Awards are given for each day’s results and on the final day for the overall Regatta performances.

The fleet is made up of yachts from many countries and are of different makes and sizes; from sleek racers to daily cruisers to classics, both monohulls and multihulls. Each yacht is placed in a class of similar yachts of about 10 yachts to even out the competition for that class.

CCS at Phuket Regatta

Spinnakers up, they’re catching us

While competitive, sailing courtesy is expected and received. Each afternoon, sailors from all over the world swap stories and share a beer on the beach after the race day and then later that evening, meet again at the well-attended Regatta parties to ‘enlarge’ upon those stories!

We have our own stories to tell. See our Regatta write-up on the CCS website: Racing in the King’s Cup.

CCS at Thai Regatta

Charter class approaches the start line

We will be taking on crew for the 2017 King’s Cup Regatta! Experience is not necessary; we’ll teach you your position during the practice days. All it takes is a sense of adventure and a keen interest in participating in one of the best Regattas of the year in an exotic destination.

The per person fee of $2000 – 2300 covers joining the crew, daily lunches, the Regatta costs, the Regatta beach resort parties and any instruction we give to prepare for the race and during the race. Flights, accommodations and other meals are not included. A limited number of cabins on your yacht are available by request for additional cost.

CCS at Phuket Regatta

Post-race fun on the beach

Let us know if you have any questions; we’re looking forward to hearing from you. The annual Phuket King’s Cup Regatta is a great set of races with a mix of people from many countries coming together for a fun competition and is held in a beautiful, tropical Southeast Asian setting.

We can also help with hotel suggestions and other travel interests while in Phuket.

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