Cabin Charter Sailing
- How it Works -
Details to help choose your sailing tour
    - you can sail on a bigger yacht for less cost by taking a cabin(s)
    - you choose the location; not limited to yacht owner's location
    - the group can decide on which ports and islands to visit
    - the first to contact us can choose the location
    - we find and contract the yacht at the location you choose
    - any number can charter the entire yacht and choose the location
    - are usually a bit outgoing, adventuresome
    - can participate, learn more sailing skills or enjoy the ride
    - enjoy otherwise inaccessible and beautiful seaside places
    - don't mind sharing a sailboat with like-minded people
    - Cabin Charter Sailing allows you to charter a berth or cabin(s)
    - traditional charters require that you charter the entire yacht
    - we organize and contract the yacht that fits your interest
    - we find other participants to join if your group does not fill the yacht
    - or, you join an upcoming charter by taking a berth or cabin
    - we offer a sailing adventure at a lower cost by chartering cabins
           - some yachts have single cabins and double bunk cabins
    - the cost depends on size, location, duration and type of yacht:
           - larger yachts with full cabins lower the cost per person
           - some parts of the Mediterranean are pricier than others
           - catamarans are more expensive than monohulls
    - average costs run from $900 -- $1600 per person per week
    Do and Don'ts:
    - we do have fun but these are not booze-cruises or party ships
    - Captain is responsible for the boat and crew while underway
    - meals are up to the group; onboard or on land
    - a $200 fully refundable deposit starts the process
    - we search for those interested in your sail, if needed
    - once we have the minimum group, we charter the yacht
    - upon finding the yacht you select, 50% of your cost is paid
    - the balance is paid 6-8 weeks before the sailing date
    - the group provisions for food it wants onboard before we start
       - most prefer dinner on land to enjoy the local cuisine
       - a cook and/or hostess can be hired
    - watersport equipment & diving arrangement can be made
    - port slips or mooring costs and fuel are divided by the group
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Marina Cay, BVI, Caribbean
Jost van Dyke, BVI
Leopard Catamaran, BVI